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Invitation Strauss Innovation

Lustwandel – the event of the senses! An intoxicating party full of highlights.

This time, Strauss invited to an event with a creative factor. The guests were entertained and at the same time informed about the new products of the wide range of the Strauss company. Whether on the catwalk, in the air or in the exhibition areas.

Among the special events of the event were the two performances by the body artist Jens Jensen. With breathtaking acrobatics he transported the audience into a world of poetic power. Once hanging from a mere cloth and later with a metal cube-shaped structure, he performed his balancing act, which was literally captivating, high above the heads of the guests. The evening was moderated by Markus Schreyl, many of whom are now also known by “Supertalent” for the talent show on RTL. And for the physical well-being of different cooks and cooking stations provided – a true change of pace!

©Text | Photos: Jensen Production