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LIGHTING CUBE SHOW | Jens Jensen | Jensen Production


Cube element – modern and effectively staged

This show of my repertoire represents a new era of performances based on different parts – music & lighting effects, moving silhouettes, projection and modern juggling style – designed in combination! Mystic creations designed by deforming the elastic inner life of the cube reveal a timeless performance, underlined by the costume and its LEDs and light reflections. At violent speeds, expressive figures are drawn into the air with the silver cube and artistic tricks become visible.


Upon clicking on the play button, YouTube can and will collect information about you!

More videos of that show are at following Youtube-playlist here!


This “Cube Act” is suitable for any kind of events, stages and fairs, as well as TV and can also be used as a living decoration and advertising space of companies for logos, photos and videos!

Booking options

  • Show as original (ca. 6.30 minutes)
  • Show as long version (ca. 7.20 minutes)
  • Show as short version / TV-cut (ca. 4 minutes)
  • Upon request!