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All good things come in threes!

For the third and last time in this winter season, the traditional Munich circus shows a new show program in Kronebau with 34 artists from 10 nations. In 50 performances they want to present all facets of classical and modern circus art.

True to the motto “Fascination of the Manege” you will see selected artistic delicacies, impressive animal training and clowns of the finest quality. The program is as international as the circus itself. A rendezvous of continents, countries and nations. With a very special mixture of reverie and fantasy, thrill and humor. And with many magnificent animals.

Strikingly many dance-like elements give themselves the honor this time and unite with Circus to a seldom beautiful symbiosis. The fascination Circus is unbroken. Even in today’s multimedia time, the world of artists, animal teachers and clowns has lost none of their charm. Everything seems possible. Nothing seems unreachable. Let yourself be enchanted by the last live adventure of modern times and take you into a colorful fairytale world. Enjoy the charm of the immediate experience, the crackling tension or the spontaneous cheerfulness. Circus is always a pleasure.

Jens Jensen

So close to the sky

The gifted artist Jens Jensen glides through the air in a man-sized cube and plays with light and shadow. With ever new turns and pirouettes, he lets the cube circle around him and sets an artistic highlight to dizzying heights.

With great craftsmanship, the “Cubeman” winds up on straps and silk towels and thrills with masculine and muscular upswings.

Only two more people in the world control the magic of flying cubes.

As the acrobatic crowd pleaser, he was also a popular star of the winter season for the Munich press, sometimes as “Flying Sindbad”, sometimes as “Cubeman”. Lots of positive comments and well-filled audience ranks motivated him to peak performance, high up, floating in his cube and on silk cloths.

Press snippets

“It gets poetic when Jens Jensen floats like a nocturnal thief from Baghdad in the cube through the dark circus sky.”

“Admirable is the man in the cube, Jens Jensen, who with the help of straps up to dizzy heights.”

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