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Pure heartbeat in Graz!

Jensen Production on promotional tour at the traditional fair in Graz.

This year the autumn fair in Graz was themed with heart-beats and welcomed visitors with lots of living, building, fashion and Bella Italia. Also the art pavilion and lots of attractions and activities on several stages entertained the visitors during the exhibition.

Fashion walks, kids circus, dance shows, acrobatics and the VideoCon with Youtube stars and influencer from today, as well as lots of musical entertainment with well known singers has been on offer.  Jensen Production was also back and took the advantage to exhibit and inspire with shows and service, which put customers in the right spotlight, of the action-packed days in Graz.

Other attractions at the fair were the exhibition “Stadl”, a huge barbecue festival in the exhibition park and one of the big highlights was the amusement park, for the whole family. Entertainment, Action & Fun for five days!

©Text/Photos: Jensen Production